Our micro-leasing facility enhances your productivity.

Our micro-leasing facility enhances your productivity.


This is a facility meant for SMEs, Micro-enterprises, Smallholder farmers or Youth entrepreneurs who desire to acquire equipment, assets and implements in their business. Inclusive Financial Services assists with the funds to acquire asset, equipment and implements which then frees cash flow and clients can pay for the equipment while already utilising the assets to generate income. We believe as a business grows there is a need for new equipment to increase productivity.

With the right equipment, your business is right for profitability.

With the right equipment, your business is right for profitability.
Good terms.

Loan repayments for the purchased equipment or implements are well spread. We are not only looking at big equipment like tractors only but your small implements e.g. water pumps, irrigation equipment, solar panels, business refrigerators, butchery equipment, ploughs, scotch carts etc. Loan repayments are spread to make them small and enable easy repayment.

Competitive pricing.

We identify with the aspiration of our clients. We know you are beginning small. Our pricing is fair because we know that as your business is growing, with our assistance, you will be loyal to assist us grow too.

No collateral required.

Our micro-leasing demands no collateral from you. We take comfort knowing that you are equipping your business or farm. That is serious commitment to us. Accordingly, we create an enabling environment for your growth that does not bother you with many demands. What more do you want. Re-think credit. Re-think who is providing it too.

Excellent service.

The currency maybe the same, but the way it is delivered to you makes a great difference. Sadza ringabva mupoto imwe, asi mapakurirwo acho anechekuita nekuguta kwenyu. Imali ungayithola endaweni ezehlukeneyo, kodwa isiphatho esikunikeza sona eIFS sigcizelelwe ngobungcitshi bezinga

Better productivity and cashflow management for our clients.

We get you the equipment. You use it to create wealth. At the end of loan repayment, the asset or equipment is still yours. This enables you to manage your cash-flows while productivity is shooting up.